About me

Thanks for reading- I hope you enjoy the site and find useful and stimulating ideas.

Having spent thirty years working as a Baptist minister, I recently “retired” back to Sussex. Too young to vegetate, I am aiming to share my experience and knowledge to help and encourage anyone who will engage.

So I will be writing and photographing as a way of expressing myself and exploring faith. Whatever you believe, whatever faith or none, I’d like to make you think and ask questions. I don’t know all the answers, and won’t pretend that I do. Life has thrown awkward stuff at me as well as some wonderful experiences. Things that seemed obvious once have been re-visited, and other ideas that I dismissed have become important. I’ve tried to keep the best of what I had, and find the centre of what I am encountering now.

My story started in Sussex, and has taken me to London, Derbyshire, Devon, Luton, and now full circle. Churches from small to middling, in a range of cultures and with diverse memberships; I have learned a great deal from all of them, and even more about myself! Mostly I have begun to learn about God, about His ways, and the Bible. Some spiritual experiences have been exciting and thrilling, others very ordinary, and some painful.

I am a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ, and I am still learning and yearning. What really floats my boat? Seeing people discover the unconditional love of God, and growing into their fullest potential. I love to encourage, to teach, to mentor, and am finding out more of what Jesus meant in saying “I have come to give life to the fullest.”

Along the way I have become a Qualified Practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), a personality development tool, and have started to explore the Enneagram. My interest lies in the interface of personality and spirituality, and I am currently learning more about the early Celtic Christians who had a very positive, life-affirming view of discipleship and Creation: very relevant in today’s world.

Music of many sorts, art & photography, books and good food are important to me. Apart from those, I have a passion for really good jokes and terrible puns; and I love to get out into the countryside, gardens, mountains and among the birds and animals of this wonderful planet. I believe that in appreciating these things, I am thinking God’s thoughts after Him- and my photographs become a kind of prayer for me. Perhaps they may help you to sense the Presence of the Eternal- to taste the air of heaven on Earth.

I thank God for my wonderful wife, Juliet, who supports and encourages me so much. Family, friends, and colleagues have earned my gratitude and love for all they have contributed to our life together. May the peace and grace of God, Father, Son & Holy Spirit in Trinity be with you and your loved ones.