Looking for A Hero – Look, See, Pray

Our search for a hero is expressed in so many ways… making idols of sporting teams, flirting with extremist politics, or obsession with the Hollywood myths- like Superman.

What a fabulous kite! Dipping and soaring on the wind, brightly coloured, ingeniously designed- but powerless. Much like the comic book universe that puts our longings into the box office. At one level, much religious activity is based on unfulfilled wishes- so “gods” were manufactured out of wood, stone, or precious metals. The forces of nature are seen as divine: spirits of trees, water, and fire. Even animals can be worshipped. Bulls are strong, lions are courageous, eagles are majestic…

In the 20th century, two colossal wars caused awful loss of life and dreadful destruction. No wonder fictional heroes gained even more attraction. Add the incredible “special effects” of modern film-making, and the impossible happens before our eyes.

Is it surprising that many have abandoned “faith” as hollow and powerless? We have lost trust in politics, church, and morality. Give us Superman! If nothing else, Superman would lift responsibility and guilt from our shoulders… we could leave everything to the superhero.

Now, if Jesus had worn a red cape and Y-fronts over a jumpsuit… Would everybody have thronged to follow Him instead of crucifying Him?

The way of Jesus is the opposite of acting out a superhero fantasy.

Love, grace, life-transforming teaching, some miracles; but embracing Death in order the shatter the power of Death forever.

He could have called 10,000 angels- but instead He chose the path of willing obedience. Out of that humility, new life was birthed through Resurrection- the Father’s “Amen” to the self-giving of Jesus. WE are called to make Jesus our model, inspiration, and goal- not to yearn for “superhero myths” but to walk in humble Love.

“Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus.“ (Phil. 2:5)