Carnival! – Look, See, Pray

The Reflectionary

The sun is turning us toasty.  So much hot sunshine comes as a surprise in the usually green and pleasant land of the British Isles. Put your hand up if you HAVEN’T complained about being too hot. You’re  amazing- unless you are fibbing!

A few years ago we visited Malta and were in Valetta for the “Karnival Ta Malta”. We went in on the old ramshackle Bedford buses (now sadly but safely replaced) and joined thousands of happy, hot Maltese on the streets. Instead of the typical pram-based English carnival floats, they really went to town. Colour: eye-watering. Size: Humungous! Variety? Loads.


Here’s a thought. Why not throw our “British reserve” out of the window, and celebrate the summer in style?

There’s so much political misery and pessimism about; and we can all find reasons to be sad or upset. However, the deliberate act of celebration changes things- and…

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