Active or reflective? – Look, See, Pray

The Reflectionary

Life is (too) busy for most of us. We are always moving, working, travelling – and we are tired and stressed.


These two men were crossing the river estuary in Salcombe.  The outboard motor chugged along, and the river surface was broken by the movement and bow wave. They were disturbing the peace by being busy: they disturbed the seagulls and were unpopular with the watchers.

For a complete contrast, look at this view of two boats quietly at their mooring.


You can make out more of the boats: and because the water was undisturbed, there is a detailed and attractive reflection. White paint and dark blue water make a tranquil scene and invite attention. The second photo is, to my eyes, peaceful.

Simple thought: are we making enough of opportunities to be still and reflective? I am challenged daily to make space, to be less of a disturbance and…

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