Morning, with Diamonds – Look, See, Pray

The Reflectionary

Thursday was a wet day. Normal life came to a standstill- well, not quite. But the intake of hot tea in the UK probably went up considerably.

Circumstances made us change plans, change clothes, change attitudes. I didn’t hear anyone say “What a lovely rainy day.” But this morning…

049gdn_raindrops crop

Everything outside was covered in sparkling beauty. Light + raindrops = diamonds.

015gdn_raindrops crop

Roses gleamed. Leaves shone. And spirits rose.

Yesterday’s trouble and change became this morning’s gift.

These “diamonds” carried no price tag.

No-one could collect them and hide them away as a secret stash of hidden wealth or beauty.

By lunchtime they vanished- except in these photographs that catalogued their short span of loveliness.

Each bejewelled plant was a brief reminder that today is a fresh beginning and whatever came before does not condemn today.

The Bible has many promises of hope, of reconciliation, of new beginnings. Take a little…

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