It’s not too late… Look, See, Pray

The Reflectionary

I have a regular practice of making a quiet “tour” of the garden. Most often, it is in the morning when I take myself out to explore. The air is cool; dew bestows delicate  diamonds on leaves, petals, spider’s webs… What I see and hear inspires me to think, write, and take photos- and then I can share some of these meditative moments with you.

October already. Surely the year has not gone that quickly?

Dahlias and roses are making a “last stand” against the encroaching cold. It is not too late to set seed, to host those weary bees for one last hurrah. As you can see, the apricot shade of  the dahlia glows in the light of morning. The summons to the pollinators is brazen, as the bloom nods its perfectly shaped centre as a soft target. It’s not too late to be fruitful.

Rom 12v12 hips 024Garden web etc crop2

Rose-hips broadcast scarlet-painted invitations…

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