Hold on tight! – Look, See, Pray

The Reflectionary

Low tide uncovers all sorts of hidden treasures. These great boulders were put here as part of the sea defences, and at high tide are completely covered. Only the surf shows their position- and that can look very hostile. What a place to live!

As the tide drops, it quickly becomes evident that the rocks have tenants… and the tenants have squatters.

Colonies of limpets cling with considerable force to the rock surface. Their grasp is strong enough to even withstand the storms: and at low tide they can make themselves into a “diving bell” that resists the sun’s heat and retains moisture within the shell.

On top of the limpets- amazing numbers of barnacles, living, feeding, breeding, and surviving in their harsh environment. The whole rock is covered with a living armour. It is home, larder, protection and a foundation.

Perhaps you thought the photo is a bit dull…

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