Stop striving- Look, See, Pray

The Reflectionary

I caught myself staring at the daffodils in silent wonder. Suddenly, sunshine on sticks! My tiredness and aches eased a bit as I enjoyed the free show.

If truth be told, I have possibly overdone it a bit recently.  Hard to learn new tricks and all that. Living with a body that is sub-par gives fresh challenges, one of which is having to pace myself. As an enthusiast, my natural tendency is to jump right in when some (preferably new) possibility comes up. Not a good idea nowadays.

But I am learning.  One thing I am learning is that prayer is about more than words. Silence, meditation, and stopping. Psalm 46 is a song written for people whose life is tough. Outside pressures from those who want you in harm’s way, internal pressures from fading expectations and failures of trust or dreams. It begins by reminding believers that God is…

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