Frozen Time- Look, See, Pray

The Reflectionary

Tragedy hits. Time seems to stand still. Details of the moment and place are etched on the mind. I vividly remember where I was on 9-11. On the day I heard my Dad had died. We all have personal recollections like that.

I photographed these waves this week as a severe storm lashed parts of the U.K.  Here, on the Channel coast, we were fairly sheltered but the waves came in fast and furious. Using a fast shutter speed, I “froze” the action – and shapes, colours and details were recorded. Looking at them afterwards, I saw much more detail than I had noticed in “real time.”

wave 026230219 Aldwick B edEnergy stored in the waves exploded against shore defences and piles of shingle. It was noisy and relentless. Stones picked up in the fury were thrown up the beach and ricocheted through the air.

It was almost hypnotic – it took a conscious effort…

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