Being patient- Look, See, Pray

The Reflectionary

Patience is a virtue, they say. Mine is being tested- I am in danger of failing.

Politics is driving me barking. Rudeness and misrepresentation is bringing the political office into sore disrepute. Fancy this- some people disagree with me! How daft can you get. Of course I’m right. I cannot understand why some apparently bright folks are saying and doing crazy things in peculiar ways. I am gradually gaining  insight…  “Hot tempers cause arguments, but patience brings peace.” (Proverbs 15:18)

But it is enough to test the patience of a saint.

Note that I am not identifying my preferences or the misled opponents of common sense: that is not my place or purpose. I hope to encourage the ones I agree with and the ones I don’t agree with to join in two things. First, to work at becoming patient; and secondly to share in the most sensible thing we can…

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